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All-In-One Small business Marketing Platform

Simplify your Marketing and Lead Generation Efforts

Are you overwhelmed by the complexities of marketing automation? Are you struggling with limited resources and a need for more streamlined processes? We have a solution that will revolutionize your marketing efforts – LiftBridgeLeads, a comprehensive lead and business automation platform designed with small businesses in mind.

Small Business Swiss Army Knife

Give you Business the Lift it Deserves

As small business owners ourselves, we’ve found the best way to grow our business was finding the right tool for the task. With our LiftBridgeLeads platform, we’ve developed the most integrated and comprehensive tool to take your business to the next level. 

Review Automation
Social Media Scheduler
Cross-Platform Communication
Text Message Marketing
Lead Generation Analytics
Email Marketing
Invoicing and Proposals
Booking Calendar
Business System Automations

To add all of these systems separately would be very expensive, and making them all talk to eachother could be a nightmare.. Lucky for you, we solved that with one goal in mind: To Grow Small Businesses

How LiftBridgeLeads can Improve your Business

LiftBridgeLeads is not just a tool; it’s a partner that works tirelessly behind the scenes, enabling you to focus more on growing your business. It’s time to take your marketing efforts to a higher level.

Request google reviews automatically

Reviews are crucial for building trust and credibility with potential customers. With LiftBridgLeads’ automated review request feature, you can easily request reviews from satisfied clients and boost your online reputation. This feature alone has helped businesses see an increase in their positive reviews by up to 40%.

Build a Cross Platform Content Calendar

Keeping track of your social media marketing content across various platforms can be a daunting task. With the cross-platform content calendar, you can easily plan, schedule your social media posts with specific variations for individual platforms. Save time and stay organized with this powerful tool.

respond to All DMs, Texts, Live Chats, and Emails in one Place

Communication is key to any successful business. With LiftBridgeLeads, you can manage all your client communication from one place. It offers email, SMS, DM, and even voice broadcast capabilities, allowing you to reach out to your customers through their preferred channels. No more juggling multiple tools or platforms.

Automated Lead Generation and Follow-up

LiftBridgeLeads’ automated lead generation and follow-up system is a game-changer for businesses like yours. You no longer need to manually track leads or worry about timely follow-ups. The platform automatically captures leads from various sources and schedules follow-ups, ensuring no potential customer slips through the cracks. Businesses using our platform reported an increase in conversion rates by up to 30%!

Our Duluth Team is here to help

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Reach out to schedule a free consultation with our team to get a good understanding of your current systems and how they can be streamlined inside or LiftBridgeLeads platform

Play to Win - Drive business leads with SEO

The Benefits of working with a Duluth SEO Agency

Power up your Website

When you work with one of our experts, your website will be more competitive in today’s market and generate a higher level of interest from potential customers. We specialize in helping new businesses who want to learn about the ins-and outs of SEO as well as experienced business owners that need help making their sites friendly for both visitors & Google bots alike! Our SEO specialists use cutting edge strategies to optimize your website’s architecture, on-page SEO, and internal linking to position your website to meet your long term goals.

Drive more traffic

Working with a SEO company will  also help you get in front of more customers! Not only are our team experts in search engine optimization, but their strategies have been proven to increase traffic on our client’s website. Click here to see the results for yourself! With an increased number of visitors coming through from Google searches of targeted keywords, your website not only gets more traffic, but its highly relevant searches to your business. Search Engine Optimization = higher value search traffic.

SEO has a High return on investment (ROI)

Were very open about it, hiring a digital marketing company to help you develop your website and increase traffic is a significant investment. Luckily, when done right with our agency’s services the positive results of an SEO campaign’s conversions will earn you a hefty dividend. All of the campaigns we manage are driven by data, and we are able to track virtually all results. Our team’s #1 goal is to drive traffic, improve rankings, and above all else increase your conversions!

We offer our valued clients a high quality and affordable SEO package that meets their goals

Your return on investment is our highest priority. We ensure your business gets the search traffic it deserves. We are based in Duluth MN, but can rank you anywhere in the US!

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